What will Martial Arts training do for me?

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What will Martial Arts training do for me?

Martial Arts training will help you get in great physical shape and improve your mental and emotional health too!

How is training in the Martial Arts different from other exercise programs?

Hi, My name is Master Shintaku,

Martial arts training develops greater inner peace, and teaches you how to truly relax and reach your full potential.

Unlike other physical activities (sports, weight training, etc.), practicing the martial arts doesn’t necessarily require great physical strength, athleticism, youth, size, or weight for success.

Everyone learns and progresses at his/her own pace, regardless of age, and the martial arts develop the entire person—physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Part of the Exceed Martial Arts curriculum includes setting and achieving challenging but attainable goals, which builds the confidence to succeed under pressure.

We call this indomitable spirit.

  • Working out in a gym or playing team sports can’t provide the internal and external fitness that comes from the Martial Arts, and certainly won’t teach you valuable self-defense skills!
  • The Martial Arts improve cardiovascular health, endurance, strength, and flexibility.

Transform your body into a leaner, more muscular state, and wrap your mind around learning self-discipline, focus, and confidence—you can do anything you put your mind to!


Master Shintaku

Exceed Martial Arts
2806 NE Sunset Blvd Suite B.
Renton, Washington 98056
(425) 988-3047

P.S.: For a NO OBLIGATION, “No Strings Attached” offer for a FREE introductory martial arts class, click on the word “Programs” in the top navigation bar on this page and select the program you would like to try.

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