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The Leadership Team is dedicated Exceed Martial Arts students who strive to be the “Best of the Best”, have the desire to excel, display integrity, passion, commitment, respect, and dignity, all with the attitude for success!

New member open tryouts are once a year on the first Friday in November.

7th Gup Purple Belt or Higher Leadership Only Training
Good Class Attendance Special Weapons Training
MUST Attend Leadership Class Discount on Team Equipment
MUST Attend Demonstrations Discount on Seminars
MUST Attend Exceed Promotional Events Leadership Team ONLY Seminars
MUST Attend Exceed In-House Events No Additional Membership Fees

New Team members have a 1 month trial period and a 3 month probation period.

I Month Trial: During the first four Leadership Team classes you will be evaluated for,

  • Attendance – Being at class and on-time or early
  • Attitude (inside & outside of class) – Respectful, Courteous, & Friendly; ability to take on new challenges and opportunities
  • Learning ability – Ability to learn the forms and required & new techniques
  • Responsibility – Practicing before, after, and outside of class; completing assignment

After completing the 1 Month Trial, the Team uniform and equipment a

3 Month Probation: After the 1 month trial period, there is a 3 month probation period to evaluate your on-going ability to maintain and improve on the 1 month requirements.


Friday, October 20, 2018 – Leadership Class Canceled

Friday, October 27, 2018 – Exceed Halloween Party
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

HOMEWORK: Due Friday, July 21, 2017

Remember Neatness, spelling, and grammar count!

“My Charisma, Knowledge, and Enthusiasm Inspires Other to be their Best through my Courageous Acts of Honor and Respect!”

Do you know what our Leadership pledge means. Tell us what the pledge means and also define charisma, knowledge, enthusiasm, courageous acts, honor, & respect and how they relate to the pledge.

E-mail your answer to, mike@exceedma.com


Homework – Blocking                         Homework – 10 Qualities               Homework – 6-2-17s

Homework – 8 Favorite Moves

 Suggested Reading

Dale Carnegie’s Secrets of Success represents founding human relations principles that can be applied to most situations in work and life.